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Be blessed. Be set free.~
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Hey there! I'm Chanel! 21 from Ohio! I am a Woman of God who loves Jesus Christ more than anything in this world! I am going to school for psychology and my ministry will be women and young girls! I appreciate different cultures, languages and music. I am bold and confident, living my life for Jesus OUTLOUD and am fearless! Not ashamed of the Gospel and will speak it here. Open minded and really chill! Askbox is always open loves! Chill out and enjoy the blog! I write ficlets too y'all check em! Thank you for vsiting me! ^_^



Quvenzhané Wallis (9). Willow Smith (12). Amandla Stenberg (14).  Gabrielle Douglas (17). They are EVERYTHING <3. They were on my mind the other day—their accomplishments, intelligence, beauty and style.

So when are they all going to star in a show that I can watch and freak out over constantly?

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